Surprising Solutions For All Natural Allergy Relief

By Felix Poppell

For those of us who suffer from the sneezing, sniffling and sometimes debilitating symptoms of an allergy, having all natural allergy relief options is a great thing. An estimated 40 million people suffer from the symptoms of allergies as well as additional issues resulting from them, such as lost work and reduced productivity. By having natural options in allergy relief, not only can those symptoms be reduced or eliminated but they can be done in a healthy manner.

Functioning with the itchy watery eyes, runny nose, stuffy head, and painful sinuses is hard and made more difficult by the effects of drowsiness caused by most medications. People look for natural remedies because they want the relief but they don’t want the side effects of these medications. However, not everyone tries or even knows about many of the surprisingly simple solutions available for dealing with the symptoms drug-free.

Change Your Diet
The food and nutrients you put in your system is the basis of your health and is a huge part of how well your immune system can combat allergies.

• Add plenty of deep hues and brightly colored fruit and vegetables to your diet. Produce with the richest colors contain the highest amounts antioxidants, which fight off free radical damage to cells that weakens immunity. They are also high in vitamins C and E, which have anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve swelling in the nasal passages.
• During allergy season, consider reducing your intake of dairy, sugar, wheat, and preservatives. These are all known to cause excess mucus, increased congestion, nasal irritation and increase sensitivity to pollen.
• Another step is to include more foods that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids like fish and nuts because Omega-3 helps to reduce inflammation.

Make it Hot
If you love spicy foods, you are in luck. Spicy foods increase blood flow, bringing oxygen to the nasal passages, helping to thin and eliminate mucous.

Sweeten it Up
Locally raised raw honey contains the pollen of local flora and fauna. Eating a couple of tablespoons every day can help your body become adapted to them which can reduce your symptoms dramatically.

Unprocessed cacao reduced allergy symptoms significantly. While the processed cacao offers only a fraction of the benefits and the unprocessed quite bitter, the benefits are worthwhile.

There are a variety of herbs and herbal supplements recognized as beneficial in the control of allergy symptoms. Some of the common ones include:

• Stinging Nettle is well known as a natural antihistamine.
• Sodium Selenite helps to boost your immune system.
• Fenugreek helps to ease nasal congestion.
• Aloe, which soothes irritated mucus membranes.

With very little effort and incorporating a few changes to your diet natural allergy relief is well within reach for millions of sufferers.

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