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By Janice Bliss

The need for dental assistants is growing day by day, with the bigger quantity of individuals desiring improved dental treatment due to the increasing consciousness of oral hygiene. When there are more patients to take care of, the dentists do require the help of dental assistants. Because of this more and more individuals are picking this profession. The dental assistant salary is fairly impressive considering the increasing need for assistants in the dental profession.

Reports reveal that the amount of dental assistants will likely increase in the years to come, especially in proportion to the increasing number of patients looking for dental help. The employment growth rate for dental assistants will be 31% for the decade of 2010 through 2020. This implies that the salary of a dental assistant will also be higher, all of which will draw in more individuals to join this growing demand.

Dental assistants have come to occupy an important position within dental treatment centers these days. They’ve got the capabilities to handle both dental procedures and office tasks. They’re indispensable within the dental industry, be it a dentist’s office or specialty hospitals.

The salary for dental assistants is determined according to the responsibilities given to them. The type of duties are governed by state laws, which differ from state to state. For instance, a dental assistant working in Alaska may get an income higher than one who’s working in California. Several states permit the dental assistants to perform complex tasks like coronal polishing. In such instances, the salary of the assistant will be higher than the average pay.

The typical salary of a dental assistant, having an entry level education and with out any practical knowledge (or hands-on instruction), according to a 2010 survey – is $16/hour, which works out to be about $33,000 plus per year. Dental assistants that specialize in coronal polishing and orthodontic assistance find employment in specialised clinics – in which the wages are usually much better compared to those paid to assistants employed in dentist’s offices. The maximum yearly salary for a dental assistant may go up to $43,000 per year, which can be sizable for this type of work.

For practical needs, we are able to divide dental assistants into two groupings:

- those that join junior or community colleges after high school and find a dental assistant program. After one or 2 years, according to their course duration, they emerge with a degree in dental assistance.

- those that acquire hands-on experience in a dentist’s office after completing their high school diploma and then continue on to finish a dental assistant training program.

Each the groups of dental assistants end up in very good jobs after their certification, but increased weight is usually offered to those with working experience. These assistants can anticipate to be paid significantly better than the others.

Training courses for dental assistants

There are numerous colleges offering dental assistant instructing courses. It is up to you to choose a school that is accredited through the Commission On Dental Accreditation (CODA). Any time dental assistants are hired, priority is given to those which have passed the Certified Dental Assistant examination, conducted by the DANB. Therefore, a qualified or registered dental assistant salary may be quite appealing when compared to the salary of an assistant with out the required qualifications.

Dental assistants may be classified into three major categories:

Entry level dental assistants: People with entry level training without experience of any type.

Certified dental assistants: Those people who enroll in a college straight after high school or individuals with hands-on experience, who join the CDA program and pass the DANB exam. This certification from the national board allows them to be accepted by most states.

Registered dental assistants: They are also qualified (just like the certified dental assistants), yet are registered through state agencies, consequently their registration is restricted to that particular state.

All the above dental assistants are eligible to work directly with the dentists regardless of their unique degrees of training. However (as pointed out previously), their salaries might differ according to their certification.

By graduating from a dental assistant training course and getting a certification, you not only become qualified, competent and educated about the field, you also get the self-confidence needed to successfully work within this industry. There is also the choice to create a higher salary, based on your training choices. It is not unusual that the job of a dental assistant is quite attractive (and increasing in popularity), for anyone looking for a rewarding profession that pays well.

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